Hi, I’m Paul Cunningham, owner and lead author at Left Brain Publishing.

Way back in 2011 I wrote and self-published my first eBook. I had long wished to become an author, and I quickly fell in love with the process of writing and publishing my own books.

Over the years I self-published more than ten books as an author and co-author. I also co-authored my first traditionally published book in 2016 for Microsoft Press.

In 2018 I realised that writing books was a life-long passion of mine. I needed a brand name separate from my services company, LockLAN Systems Pty Ltd, that could carry my self-publishing business forward into the future.

Over dinner with some friends I came up with with the name “Left Brain Publishing”.

“Left brain” people tend to lean more towards analytical and methodical thinking, which seems perfectly appropriate for books about technology. So the name stuck!

The first title published under the Left Brain Publishing brand is Surviving IT, which shares everything I know about building a successful career in the technology industry. I hope you find it, and all our future titles, useful to read.

You can follow more of my writing at my personal blog, paulcunningham.me

Company Details

Left Brain Publishing is the publishing brand of LockLAN Systems Pty Ltd (ABN 25 121 101 255). LockLAN is a technology services and training company registered in Australia.

For all enquiries please use our contact page.