I’m a writer, self-publisher, and small business owner. There’s no big corporation here, it’s just me. When you purchase one of my books or other products, you’re directly supporting me and my family.

And I appreciate that. Thank you.

I’m also a customer. When I buy something from a business, I want to be happy with the outcome. If the product I bought doesn’t fulfil my needs, I like to know that I can return it and get my money back.

That’s why I always offer a money-back guarantee for all my product sales. If you genuinely don’t like what you bought, or don’t feel that it lives up to its promise, then I want to make things right.

So here’s the details of my refund policy:

  • If you purchased directly from the Left Brain Publishing website, I offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. I’ll only ask you one question – how could I have made the book better for you? Please get in touch with me to discuss your concerns.
  • If you purchased a Kindle or print book via Amazon, please refer to Amazon’s returns policy.
  • If you purchased a print book somewhere else, please return it to the place of purchase with your concerns.

Please note that there may be a 24-48 hour delay on customer service requests. I am located in Brisbane, Australia (GMT+10 timezone).